7 Strong Reasons for Choosing Us as Your Partner

Focus on business & increasing your sales

We strongly focus on building corporate websites & e-commerce webstores that help your business grow by converting your visitors into customers, enhancing customer loyalty and increasing your profit.

Honest advice, serving your interests

We look for the best solution to your needs: a solution capable of achieving your goals as cost-efficiently as possible, so that you swiftly earn back your investment. We are here as your partner to help you with your needs, not to upsell our services.

Designed to serve your target audience

We work for you. Your website works for your customers and prospects. We design your website to your target audience, so that customers and prospects easily find what they are looking for, stick to your pages and proceed to take the intended action on your website.

Original, creative and functional

We build websites that are unique and perfectly suit your company or organization. We develop creative web design, but avoid deploying originality merely for originality’s sake. Our focus is on your goals, the expectations of your visitors and the principles of web usability.

Experience and expertise

Our team consists of enthusiastic, creative webdesigners, graphic designers and webdevelopers with over 12 years of experience of webdesign, graphic design, website and database programming, search engine optimization and other forms of internet marketing. We ensure that the creation of your website and your internet marketing campaigns are executed according to the highest standards and generate a significant added value to your company. Our extensive experience and expertise guarantee an easy transition from initial analysis to the launching of a successful website.

Level-headed solutions

Our specialists passionately follow design trends and technological innovations, but will always evaluate the advantages and drawbacks of the latest solutions on the market. We embrace new technologies once they have proven their advantages and have become mature enough to deploy in the solutions we offer. Once we have ascertained the reliability and added value of a new technology, we will make sure you can take advantage of it through your investment.

Correct pricing

Digithales is a small website development company that can rely on a wide network of external freelance specialists for larger projects. We operate with the same professionalism and dedication as larger web agencies, but we will work with you in a more personal, flexible and financially advantageous way. We will deliver the highest quality but at a much more competitive rate due to lower overhead costs.

Our Vision & Approach

Our vision and method of working is based upon 6 pillars:

Personal dedication

Whether they are small companies or larger enterprise, all our customers enjoy our personal approach and complete dedication.


Whether you need a simple interactive presentation or a complex e-commerce website : we have the experience, the knowledge and the skill required to make a true success of your project and we will devote ourselves completely to achieving this aim in the most professional way.

Creativity at the service of…

Our business is building your online business. Our designers and application developers use their creativity not just for the sake of creativity, but to develop the tools and platforms that you need to further develop your business. This way you will get solutions that are customer-oriented, user-friendly and functional.

Added value

We design and develop websites that add extra value to your company or organization. Our websites are developed according to the highest web standards and guarantee both a pleasant aesthetic experience of your website and a flawless user experience, which allow your prospects to find easily the products, services or information they are after. Thanks to a positive user experience, your company will realizes extra value through an optimized, positive perception and increased customer loyalty.

A customer-focused approach

Your goals are ours. We assist and advise you, think along with you and suggest the solution that we think fits best for your project.

Honesty and trust

You will find in us an honest, reliable partner, who thinks along with you to make sure your presence on the Internet has maximum impact. What we recommend stems from your needs (not our own) and from our drive to deliver a maximum return on investment.

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