Using Email Marketing to Increase Sales & Loyalty

If the term email marketing makes you think of sending mass, spam emails to uninterested recipients, it may be time to review the way you see the use of email in marketing.

While “email marketing” usually involves direct selling at least occasionally, it is not all about selling & advertising. As a business owner, you can use email to gain trust, build loyalty, and develop a genuine personal connection with your prospects & with your customer base.

Broadly speaking, any email exchanged between businesses and their audience can be considered as being part of an email marketing campaign. In most cases, the recipients will have voluntarily subscribed to a business mailing list, although every business owner can purchase or rent commercial lists that are either generic contact addresses or addresses tailored to specific industries or consumer interest preferences.

Sales & Engagement

There are two main types of e-mail marketing campaigns:

Email campaigns designed to make a direct sale

These emails directly promote a specific product or service such as an ebook, e-course, webinar, consulting services, or physical product the reader can order right away.

Email campaigns designed to engage readers

Instead of promoting a product or service, these emails offer helpful tips and useful news, and sometimes share glimpses into the business owner’s and other readers’ lives.

They are designed to build a rapport with readers, to encourage loyalty and subtly encourage your readers to do repeat business with you.

Why Your Business Will Love Email Marketing

E-mail marketing offers numerous advantages over traditional print marketing, such as much lower costs, simpler creation & implementation, and highly accurate response tracking.


The cost of running an email list, or even several lists, is a fraction of what managing print mail campaigns would cost. With email you won’t need to spend any money on postage, nor printing. On top of that, you will save considerable graphic design expenses.


The different email marketing software solutions in our offer deliver premium quality platforms to create and manage email marketing campaigns with minimal technical knowledge, and equally minimal fees.

Return-On-Investment Tracking

Tracking your Return On Investment (ROI) is essential for efficient marketing. In print campaigns, your best bets for tracking ROI are coupons and codes, but these will tell you little about how individual readers react to each message.

Email marketing software allow you to collect detailed information about each campaign, such as which emails were properly delivered and which ones have bounced, who has opened your emails at what time, and which links in the emails were clicked.

More benefits

Email marketing offers numerous other benefits to your company as well, which makes it an indispensable component of running your business.

We will help you succeed with email marketing by creating your email campaigns and providing your organisation with a platform that handles all the components of your email campaigns.

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