Rules for Achieving High Conversion Rates

Good first impressions

Good first impressions are vital in communication, so obviously your site will need to visually appeal to your target audience. We will design your web site so that it complements your contents, instead of overpowering them, while emphasising your message and the purpose of your website.


Every website needs a well-defined purpose. Rather than aiming at something vague, such as deciding to improve your business through a stronger online presence, we aim at achieving a specific goal, such as generating leads for your services, selling products through e-commerce, improving communication with your prospects & clients, or to achieving other specific goals.

Once we have a clear purpose and know what you want to achieve with your website, we will develop a plan to make it happen for you.


With the purpose of your website in mind, we will help ensure that this purpose is clear to your visitors. It is easy to become caught up in incorporating numerous features on your website to create a fancy design, but an overload of bells & whistles will only dilute your message and cause confusion, leading to lower conversions.

Therefore, one of our focal points at the development stage is achieving clarity. We will design your website in a way that helps your visitors to quickly understand what they can obtain from your offer and why they should be interested in doing business with you and then take to the required action that will transform them from visitors to leads or paying customers.

Publishing Engaging Contents

The contents that you publish can make or break your website. Many businesses rely on their website to act as their primary sales tool, but they only invest in a great design, a user-friendly shopping cart, and often an abundance of advanced features, while neglecting the contents they publish.

If your website is really going to be your main sales tool, it must feature engaging contents. To support you with the creation of engaging contents, we offer copywriting services that will help you achieve maximum success online.

Clear Call to Action

In addition to optimising all of the previously listed factors that will guarantee to attract your visitors’ attention and engage them with your contents, we will create what is called a strong Call to Action for your web site.

A strong call to action is a clear, simple, and compelling offer that persuades prospects to take the action you want, such as requesting a quote, calling a toll-free number, or downloading a valuable guide for free.

Your call to action will then stimulates your visitors to take action, converting them from visitors into leads and customers for your business.

Other High-Conversion Rules Applied to Your Website

User Focus

Your visitors will ultimately determine your success online and are therefore kept in focus during each phase of the construction of your website.
If necessary we will also assist you in helping you shifting your focus from your own subjective needs to the needs of your prospects, so that your web project does not fail due to a lack of customer-oriented thinking.


Navigation is a primary concern to us and your visitors as it can be the difference between visitors opening a single page and then leaving, and visitors staying to find out what else the site has to offer.

When developing the navigation for your website, we will focus on the following core questions:

  • What contents will be most sought after by your visitors?
  • Which pages will be critical for the purpose of your website?
  • How will visitors intuitively want to move between pages?
  • In which structure should the pages be cast?
  • How many clicks will it take your visitors to reach any given page from your homepage?


Any website that is going to be successful must be easy to use. While design and appearance are important, they can never replace the need for usability.
Usability is one of the factors that depend on the specific nature of the website.

For e-commerce websites for instance, we will make sure to set up a fast search function, a well-organised list of products, and a shopping cart that allows for a smooth check-out.

For blogs and websites mainly featuring written contents, the importance of usability is linked more closely with readability and a logical progression between articles. Therefore, our offer also includes copywriting services that assist & support you with the writing and organisation of your contents, so that you can achieve maximum success through your copy.


Accessibility is often confused with usability because the two are somewhat similar; yet accessibility is even more important than usability for if a website is not accessible, it is not usable, either.

An accessible and responsive website will not force visitors to use a particular browser nor will it exclude certain people due to disabilities, devices or other factors. We will make sure to cover all the factors within our control that can positively contribute to the accessibility of your website, so that everyone in your target audience is able to access your offer.

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