Content Management Systems

Easily update your website from anywhere

If you know how to use Microsoft Word, you will be able to instantly use the CMS that we provide with your website, as the functions to edit a Microsoft Word document are practically identical to those for editing your web pages via your CMS.

With your website’s Content Management System you will not have to rely on web designers, web developers or other IT-specialists to update your website’s contents. You will gain full control of your content, be able to access your CMS from anywhere in the world on any computer and to easily perform routine tasks such as:

  • updating text on your web pages
  • adding and changing images
  • adding pages in different languages

Adding and deleting pages, changing or adding text and photos, choosing fonts and font sizes: it all becomes a piece of cake thanks to the Content Management software included with your website. Additionally, the CMS ensures that all your pages look beautiful and have a consistent layout.

If you are interested in reading a more detailed overview of some of the default functions featured in your website’s CMS, you can head over to our page about the Features & Benefits of your Content Management System.

WordPress & Drupal

Depending on your needs & preferences, you website will feature the WordPress or Drupal CMS, the two preferred content management solutions of millions of happy users worldwide.

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Advantages of your Content Management System

Low cost

WordPress & Drupal are what is called ‘Open Source’ software solutions, which means that it is free and available to be used without restrictions for both personal and commercial projects. This also means that you will not be charged any extra fees for the use of the software by several users, which is often the case with commercial CMS solutions.

Even though WordPress & Drupal are free, you still receive everything (and often more) that you would get from an expensive, commercial CMS software solution.

Ease of use

Your CMS has been designed with you in mind, so that you as a non-technician can easily update your website’s contents without any knowledge of computer code or other technical aspects related to website management.

Optimised for SEO

Your CMS will also help you with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) in the following ways:

  • Your CMS assists you in creating fresh contents, which is the type of contents preferred by search engines.
  • Your CMS integrates flawlessly with social media, so you can optimally create a community around your website.
  • Your CMS allows you to use your keywords in your webpage addresses (URLs) easily, so that you have an extra webpage element to optimise and score highly in the search engines.

Workflow Management

You will be able to control how and when contents are published on your website, as well as who publishes them. This means that you can allow other people (employees, colleagues, etc.) to update your website contents as well, while allowing you to have full management control over the collaboration with these users.

More benefits

To read more about why we recommend WordPress and Drupal for your website, check out our page about Your Benefits when Using WordPress or Drupal.