Convert Your Visitors with a Clear Call To Action

No doubt you have heard TV ads that end by telling you to “Pick up the phone and call us now!” or read sales letters that encourage you to “Mail us the enclosed postcard today!” These are two examples of a call to action. Simply put, a call to action, abbreviated as CTA, is a seller’s final instruction directed at you to take a specific action.

We integrate clear calls to take action (CTAs) into your website to bring your visitors  closer to taking your desired action, such as contacting your or making a purchase. CTAs prompt visitors to take actions such as:

  • Calling you by phone
  • Filling out a quote request form
  • Subscribing to your newsletter
  • Downloading a free report
  • Signing up for an event
  • Using a coupon

A CTA can be used nearly anywhere on websites, including in articles, blog posts, e-books, video’s, podcasts, webinars, and in email messages.

Clear instructions are essential

For the sake of clarity, typically only one CTA is used in each piece of content. Used incorrectly, multiple CTAs can confuse visitors, so much that they opt to do nothing at all.

However, there are however scenarios where integrating multiple calls to action are preferable, rather than offering visitors only one option to take action. For instance, if your primary call to action suggests filling out a form to request a quote, not every visitor will want a quote from you and fill out your form. To avoid losing those visitors, we may advise you to include a secondary call to action that suggests an alternative action, such as simply subscribing to a newsletter by entering an email address.

How we Create Strong Actions to Increase Your Conversions

We keep it simple

Most people do not want to think too much when surfing the web. This is especially true for users visiting the websites of companies that they are not yet familiar with. Your call to action should consist of only a few words and be free of any special conditions and rules. The action should also take very little effort on the part of the visitor to complete the process.

We make it obvious

We integrate your call to action into a clear, prominent position on your website. We make it obvious to your visitors to find your offer and take the action that will start converting them from visitors into leads or customers.

We make it valuable to your target consumers

It should go without saying that the offer must be appealing to your audience. However, this does not necessarily imply that your offer needs to be expensive or time consuming to create. In any case, your offer should be tailor-made to suit the types of customers that you want to attract.

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