Creating Engaging Contents for Your Visitors

While pictures, interactive tools & features help to make a website fun, functional, and visually appealing, engaging written content is what ultimately forms the difference between a successful sales tool and a failed site. It is worth putting in the extra time and effort to create user-focused contents for your website that provide visitors with the information they need to make an informed decision about purchasing a product or service from your company.

Creating contents that engage your readers

When visitors enter your website they have a number of questions that need answering such as:

Your contents should be able to answer all of these questions at the very least.
They should also do more than simply talking to your readers – they should interact with your visitors and compell them to take the next step through your call to action.

You can either outsource the writing of your contents to our copywriters or create engaging contents for your visitors yourself by following our tips outlined on the right.

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How to Create Engaging Content

Create a voice for your company

To make your website stand out from any other websites it is important to create unique contents that are written in a personalised voice that suits your industry and company. Once you have established a unique personality, make sure it is maintained in your contents throughout your website.

Use an active, second person voice

Contents in second person help to create the sense that the contents are speaking to the reader. This will make visitors feel as if they are involved with your website in a way that goes beyond superficially reading contents.

Make contents easy to read quickly

A large number of your visitors will probably skim your website contents quickly, to see if it offers anything of interest to them, before they start reading in more depth. Therefore, you should present your contents in a way that allows for easy reading. This can be achieved by using short paragraphs, subheadings, and bullet points.

Write customer-centered contents

Focus on the wants and needs of your customers, while limiting how much you talk about yourself and your company. This means that you should concentrate on what prospects can expect to receive if they decide to work with your company instead of one of your competitors.

Focus on benefits over features

Contents that are emotional rather than logical will work better in speaking to customers. Talking about the benefits of your products or services, including what makes you stand out from your competition, is one of the best ways to convince customers that they are making the right choice in selecting your company.

Include a Call To Action

A Call To Action is one of the best ways to ensure contents are utilised effectively and assists in guiding customers through the conversion process. Every page of your website should feature a call to action within its contents, as it may otherwise be difficult for customers to identify the next step that they should take.