Tracking & Analysis of your Conversions

Conversion-tracking is an essential feature of our marketing offer. To ensure your success and an optimum return on your investment, we monitor and measure the key metrics in your advertising campaigns to find which offers and campaigns work best. We then filter out and optimise those that are not performing optimally and repeat the whole process of running the campaigns, tracking the results and refining further where needed.

By following the actions that people take after viewing the marketing messages in your advertising campaigns, we can measure your return on investment (ROI) accurately and take all the required steps to keep continuously increasing your profit.

Depending on your business and your goals, the conversions on your website can be online purchases on your ecommerce store, newsletter subscriptions, completed online surveys, whitepaper downloads, messages sent via your contact form, or any other relevant action. As soon as it is clear which customer actions will need to be integrated and considered as conversions, we will begin the tracking of your campaigns.

Conversion-Tracking with Google AdWords

AdWords features a powerful conversion tracking tool that allows you to identify how well your ad campaign is generating leads, sales, signups, downloads, or other actions that will be useful for your business.

The recorded data allow us to see which areas of your campaign are functioning well and which ones need more work. Through AdWords, we can optimise your advertising campaigns to achieve a higher ROI for you by using the detailed tracking information that is gathered inside your Adwords account.

Why we Measure your Conversions

Achieving your business goals

We create your advertising campaigns & keyword lists so that they can be used to meet your business goals. We direct visitors to specific pages on your website where they can complete specific actions, such as purchasing your product.

With conversion tracking, we can clearly see your visitors’ actions and show you which of your campaigns and keywords are helping you to meet these specific goals.

Maximising your Return On Investment

We measure conversions to boost your ROI for your advertising campaigns. Relying on intuition is not an option when it comes to finding out which keywords will provide you with the most conversions and thus profits.

By using conversion-tracking we can gather and show you all the relevant facts & numbers, so that you can make smarter investments by focusing on the most fruitful advertising campaigns, while eliminating or optimising the ads that under-perform.

Cross-Device Behavioural Intelligence

Conversion-tracking delivers all the data about how customers are interacting with your ads on various devices. Cross-device conversions occur when customers click on an ad on one device, but complete the conversion on another.

This intelligence allows us to also further optimize your web site & marketing campaigns for optimal results on desktop PC, tablets, and mobile devices.

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