Website Conversion Optimisation

With the qualitative data gathered by web optimisation tools such as Google Analytics, Google Website Optimiser, and Google Webmaster Tools, we are able to gain insights into the behaviour of your visitors and identify areas that need improvement.
This data also allow us to test design changes to your web pages to find out which changes improve your conversion rates, thus further improving your profits.

By properly setting up your website profiles, goals, e-commerce tracking, and search tracking, we gather all the information that is required to:

  • Better meet the needs of your visitors
  • Increase your return on investment (ROI)
  • Identify the weak points in your website
  • Get to know your visitors
  • Discover what people are searching for on your website and how easily they are finding the information that they are after
  • Maximise the number of users who follow through with your desired action (= conversions)
  • Lower your customer acquisition costs
  • Increase your online revenue
  • Create more effective ads
  • Strengthen your marketing initiatives
  • Track all of your online campaigns and many of your offline campaigns

Increasing Your Profits

We will use Google’s Website Optimizer A/B testing tools to test and optimise your website so that you gain the most profits with the lowest marketing expenses.

With the help of this tool, we will have solid & precise data that will help us to make informed decisions based on measured, real-life results, rather than by intuitively predicting what will be most effective and profitable for your business.

The results that we can help you achieve by using the Google Website Optimizer include:

  • Increasing your website conversion rate
  • Lowering your visitor bounce rate
  • Raising the amount of time users spend on your website
  • Improving visitor satisfaction
  • Removing the element of guesswork from the site design process

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