How to Give Meaning to Your Data with Google Analytics

January 26th, 2014 by Digithales

The challenges of Google Analytics

Google Analytics offers a range of enterprise level features for free, but these must be configured properly for the data to be actionable, such as to understand which features of your website are working optimally and which ones need improvement. However, Google Analytics is developing at a rapid pace; if you configured the programme as recently as six months ago, you will already be missing out on a range tools that are now on offer. Obviously, this presents a difficult challenge for most marketing departments and internal teams.

One solution is to seek the support of a certified Google Analytics consultant, who will be able to help you understand your web analytics data and track the effectiveness of your marketing campaign. A Google Analytics expert will be able to improve your results in areas such as marketing strategy, implementation, optimisation, and training for both Google Analytics Standard or Google Analytics Premium. This can be done for your business in the following ways:

  • By ensuring accurate data tracking
  • By advising you on which aspects you should invest your marketing budget
  • By providing you with actionable insights that will improve your website
  • By measuring you social media efforts
  • By giving priority to content development efforts
  • By improving reporting techniques and dashboards
  • By training your team on everything from fundamentals to advanced features

Other tools and features that you should be using

To get the most out of your website, there are valuable tools available that go beyond the insights that Google Analytics and Google Website Optimizer can provide, including:

  • The Attribution Modelling tool, to create customised models
  • Multi Session Analytics, to receive customer lifetime value analysis
  • Remarketing Lists, to target and market towards specific visitor segments
  • Content Experiments, to run tests of your website
  • Page Groups
  • Tag Management
  • Custom Segmentation, for a more powerful analysis
  • Webmaster Tools
  • Campaign Tracking, a fundamental tracking component tool of which many companies still do not take full advantage