Choose and Register Your Business

March 19th, 2014 by Digithales

Choosing a Business Name

While choosing your company name may not seem like an important step and you may already have your heart set on a particular name, choosing a business name requires planning, common sense and a little marketing knowledge. It is an important step because this decision will affect your long-term marketing plans. You want to choose a name that will reflect your company’s identity and brand. You will need to protect the name and ensure it is available on the Internet in many forms.

The following tips will help you choose, register it, protect your new business name and use it in social media channels.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Business Name

These days, you need to take a holistic view when choosing your business name. Think about how it will work on the Internet, in a logo and in various social media channels like Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

When people hear it, what will spring to their mind first? Solicit advice from your peers. While you may not agree with all feedback, it may help you to decide. Ask questions like whether the name reflects your business and whether it is appealing to your target market. Ask yourself whether your name needs more descriptive words or maybe can convey more with a tagline that reflects your mission in a couple of powerful words.

Now that you have an idea of what you would like to use, check out the Internet for whether it’s taken or not. One of the tools to check the availability of domain names is the WHOIS domain name search tool. You may also want to check for existing trademarks because you do not want to infringe on a registered trademark.

For Internet marketing purposes, make sure the domain name that you register isn’t too long and is easy to read, otherwise it may be too difficult for people to remember it.

Your Business Name and the Internet

Using the WHOIS database, check to see if the domain name you want is available. There are more top level domains than ever before. While the .com domain continues to be the most widely used top level domain, you can also investigate alternate domains like * or one of the many specific ones like *.camera. You can also choose to register multiple domain extensions with your name through a hosting company.

Social Media Importance

It is not enough to simply have a domain name and website, you should also create a  Facebook page and list your business with other social media channels. For Facebook for instance, it’s important that you make sure to register a Business Page with a your company name so that you have a custom Facebook web address with the following structure:

Trademark Search and Protection

Trademark protection may not seem like a valuable business asset, but you will want it to protect future value of logos, symbols, names and words. Your business name is valuable because your brand is built around it. Costs are minimal to file a trademark and you can file a trademark application online.