How to Register a Trademark for Your Business

January 31st, 2014 by Digithales

Checking the Availability of Your Trademark

Before starting the registration, you should check if another company has already registered the same or a similar trademark for goods or services that fall under the same category as your own. The Intellectual Property Office can assist you with the research.

The Intellectual Property Office grants trademark protection to the first business to use the mark in the geographic area where its brand operates. Although this applies regardless of whether the company has registered the mark, if another company has already registered the mark you wish to use, you will probably face rejection of your registration, even in the case that you began using the trademark first. In such case, you may need to consult with a lawyer specialized in trademark law.

Registering Your Trademark

During the registration process, you will find questions pertaining to the category of your goods, the types of services for which you use the trademark, the date you first used the trademark in commerce, and whether there is a design component to your chosen trademark; you will receive the broadest possible protection if you refrain from designating a specific design for the trademark.

Intellectual Property Office

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