What is WordPress ?

December 14th, 2013 by Digithales

Thanks to a software solution like WordPress, even people who are unfamiliar with HTML and other types of programming code can create and edit websites on the easy-to-use interface that is very much like Microsoft Word document processing software.

Advantages of WordPress

WordPress has transformed itself from a simple blogging script to a flexible & versatile CMS. It is considered by millions of users to be the best free publishing software available and is used by businesses in numerous of industries worldwide. Here are a couple of the main reasons why WordPress is the best choice for you and your organization:

Easy of Use

Website owners often complain that their site requires complicated updates, is expensive to maintain, and requires the assistance of web developers, who may charge hundreds of dollars for just a simple change. Neglecting site updates, however, leads to an outdated looking site, negative impacting your business. In contrast, with WordPress it is easy to add content, pictures, videos, and links by yourself.

Own Your Online Presence

If you choose to build your website through a development site, such as Wix, Moonfruit, EasySite, or Weebly, the company, rather than you, owns your site. In addition, you risk losing your entire online presence should the company go out of business. With WordPress however, you own your website including all its data.

SEO Friendly

Along with a great site design, search engine optimization (SEO) is the most important aspect of your site, as it means that users will be able to find you through search engines. WordPress is very SEO friendly anyway, but the CMS also offers several tools that will make your site even more likely to be noticed by search engines.

Multiple User Access

The multiple user access function allows several people to access your account at the same time and provides you with tools so that you can limit access points to members.

Extended Plugins

The majority of the time, you will be able to find a plugin on WordPress for any feature you would like to include in your site. Most are very easy to add — you only need to click on the plugin you want to include, found on the admin panel.

Standard Web Compliance

All generated code is in full compliance with the standards of W3C, which is also important for cross-browser compatibility, usability, and SEO purposes.


It is very easy to upgrade from previous versions of WordPress and to migrate from other software, in order to move your site from its current service to WordPress.

Spam Protection

Built-in tools, including the integrated blacklist and open proxy check, are perfect for protecting against comment spam, but various other plugins are also available if you want to take this functionality one step further.

Worldwide Support

As WordPress is an open source platform, the source code is open to public to edit and develop, which suggests WordPress will maintain its position as the most popular CMS.