Benefits of Email Marketing

December 22nd, 2013 by Digithales

Fast and easy marketing testing

Finding out which campaign and which offers work best requires experimentation. Because the content of your campaigns can be adjusted with little effort, it’s easy to test out different headlines, designs and prices to see to which campaigns your readers respond best. Additionally, the ability to send one version of an email to one group of your readers and a different version to another group makes testing different variants even more efficient.


Even if you work in a tightly defined niche market, there will be certain groups of your customers who think and act differently from others.

Email marketing makes it easy to find specific segments of your customer base and market directly to them based on their buying habits and preferences. For instance, if you sell children’s shoes, you can select everyone who bought girls’ shoes during summer and notify them when winter boots for girls become available.

Wider reach

With email marketing, even small businesses can build a worldwide customer base. This is a huge boon to highly focused niche businesses that want to expand beyond their local area in order to reach all their potential customers.
While social media marketing offers also a worldwide reach, it doesn’t give you the control that email marketing offers.


Even the simplest email marketing software allows you to personalize your emails with each reader’s name and other basic information. More advanced platforms allow you for instance to personalize based on purchase history. This makes it possible to recommend products to each reader based on what they’ve already bought, which is similar to the highly relevant, personalized product recommendations that Amazon offers each time you shop one of their websites.

More sharing

Because forwarding an email is so easy, your loyal readers are likely to share your messages with friends, family, and co-workers. Not only will your message reach a new potential customers, it will also come as a recommendation from someone whose opinion you trust.