Search Engine Marketing Opportunities

December 15th, 2013 by Digithales

Pay-per-click programs

Of these, Google AdWords and Bing Ads are the best known. These programs allow you to create small ads to be displayed to searchers who use the keywords and key phrases you choose to target in your campaign. Google AdWords also shows ads on the websites of content producers who sign up for the program.

The ad is displayed at no cost to you; you pay only when someone clicks on the ad. The keywords you choose to bid on determine how much you’ll be charged. In some cases, you also have the choice of paying per impressions (each time the ad is display) or conversions (a sign-up, purchase or other action). The amount of your bid determines where your ad is shown when someone searches for those keywords and phrases.

Contextual advertising

Contextual or in-text ads are links to the advertiser’s site placed in the content of other websites. For example, a company selling bar stools might have links to their site placed on phrases such as “round bar stools” and “bar furnishing” on websites that offer bar design ideas. Vibrant Media, Trafficvance, and Infolinks are among the most popular providers of this type of advertising. Like PPC ads, contextual ads offer a way to reach many potential buyers quickly. Because they’re located directly within useful content, though, they’re more likely to be seen than PPC ads listed on the side of a webpage.

A well-defined plan brings results

Ultimately, search engine optimization has one goal: to make sure your web pages rank highly when someone searches for what you offer. Basic keyword research, a clear information hierarchy, and a well-planning internal linking structure are useful for almost all websites.

While all major search engines provide general guidelines for effective SEO, exactly how these search engines rank site changes over time. That means SEO is never a “set and forget” endeavor. It requires on-going attention to which techniques are working and regular experimentation to improve rankings.

For best results, SEO should also be integrated into a business’ overall search engine marketing plan. A good understanding of the search engine marketing opportunities available and a clear plan for taking advantage of them can prove even the smallest web business enough traction to start making serious profits.