Crafting a Call To Action That Works

December 15th, 2013 by Digithales

Attention-grabbing design

Your visitors have to see your CTA before they can act on it. A stand-out CTA can be as simple as a brightly colored link or as complex as a sign-up form at the end of your blog post. Colors that contrast with your main design are particularly striking. If you’re using a form, it should be large enough to catch the eye of someone skimming the content

Compelling copy

There’s a reason those TV ads tell you specifically to “Pick up the phone” and “call right now” instead of just “Call us to learn more.” To get your visitors moving, it helps to tell them exactly what to do. Use simple, actionable verbs that make your instructions easy to follow.

A specific, valuable offer

Even a little doubt or confusion can lead a visitor to ignore your CTA. To give your visitors the confidence to take action, state clearly what you’re offering in exchange, whether it’s a product for sale or a free ebook.

The next step

An online call to action often involves clicking a link. Where that link leads can make the difference between whether the visitor takes action or not. If you end a blog post with “Download our free ebook now!” linking directly to the pdf ebook wastes an opportunity to connect with the customer.

Instead, create a separate landing page designed specifically for your ebook, sign-up form or other offer. Your landing page can provide a brief description of your offer with a bullet-point list of benefits.

Crafting compelling calls to action for an online business is a skill that takes practice to master, but it’s one that pays off in more contacts from visitors, more email list sign-ups, and ultimately more sales.